A Quick Summer Diary Before Going Back to Work


Was it a summer month, really? I subtitled ten hours of video tutorials about cloud computing for one of the GAFAM (this mission actually started end of June). Well, that was really fun, but also quite exhausting. Then I moved to the translation of a long series of articles from German and English about the latest elections to the European Parliament: texts and graphics, some slight tweaking of the html5 code, no SEO this time, and I also prepared the French version of the accompanying website newsletter… all things I love! Meanwhile, I finally got news from my June translation of a paper by a German researcher for a Franco-African film festival in Paris (which I could not attend because of the cloud computer mission, hélas!).

Can you believe that I nevertheless had a family trip to the seaside during that month? C’est la vérité! In English: that’s the truth! BTW, vérité sounds a bit like variety, can you hear?


😎  I got MemoQ 8 Translation Software Project Manager Certified… I know, it doesn’t sound like a proper sentence, but I couldn’t resist. A sign of summer laziness, maybe… or a cocky burst!

😎😎 Deepened my understanding of SEO, typography, and RGDP.

😎😎😎 Enjoyed the sun and a lovely garden, decluttered things, resumed translations. Wish you were there.

Those Sweet Summer Soundtracks