About me


I started my career in my twenties as a trilingual europarliamentary assistant together with the think tank Confrontations Europe while still studying at Sciences Po. Following graduation, I worked with them more consistently on some projects and publications as well as their internal commission on training & employment policies. I more specifically assisted MP Philippe Herzog, who has been long known as an expert on economic and industrial issues, and more recently advised former European Commissioner to Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier.

Then I left politics and chose to become a journalist. I worked as an editorial advisor and journalist at Le Monde’s monthly supplement dedicated to economic and social issues. I also freelanced for various publications in the French print media as a reporter and columnist and I traveled a lot. I published two books on sectorial entrepreneurship with the professional publisher Rebondir, as well as contributed to other books and to numerous editorial projects.

After becoming a mother, I became interested in relocating in Paris. At the same time, I began freelancing as a project manager, a communications officer, and an office manager in various settings: human-rights cross-border cooperation, EU funding policies to civil societies outside the EU borders, a left-oriented think tank, a coaching company for senior executives…

I believe in empowering people and have always wanted everyone to be on board. That is how I then switched to teaching and training activities – also to be sure this time that I would not be traveling too much or spend too many evenings in endless meetings! I first applied for German teaching positions yet ended up teaching French to English natives and English to French students in various companies… as well as in high school up to undergrad level. Besides, I was given the wonderful opportunity to lecture on entrepreneurship and internal communications and coached students individually. I also lectured journalists in France and abroad on occasion.

Eager to keep learning, I have attended a long series of online grad-level MOOCs  on economics and entrepreneurship as recently delivered by Stanford, IE Business School, Irvine, Vanderbuilt University, Darden School of Business, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, through Coursera, EdX, and other platforms… and indulged in some other similar online courses in science, CS, humanities, health, law, and environment.

One more thing you need to know about me: I have been a professional translator for as long as I can remember – it most certainly started while I was working for my European M.P. As a matter of fact, translators form a strange tribe, which I love and feel part of: We think the world can be better understood through languages; we are obstinate and fiercely into accuracy, yet we also indulge in dreaming of a world where communication between people would dramatically improve.

If you wish to contact me, please use LinkedIn. You can also find endorsement letters there (some are written in English).


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