French Training

I can help you or your employees become self-confident in French, learn about the best ways to communicate with colleagues and partners, understand the grammar, and expand your/their vocabulary.

  • I have been a full-time trainer with long international experience in settling multi-stakeholder initiatives and have worked with companies from different sectors (all-year-round and intensive sessions), I am used to teach French to foreign employees and to professionals settling in France or wishing to improve their professional French after some years « au pays de Voltaire et d’Hugo ». I still have a few students or classes every year and definitely enjoy teaching them a lot.

  • I have taught English, French, business communications, journalism and career management in various settings.

  • As a former journalist and international reporter, I have a fairly good sense of what my students want to talk about and of what they need to improve, – and I can quickly see when they feel uncomfortable.

  • I occasionally do administrative coaching and writing assistance to help my students in what they urgently need.

  • I am experienced in coordinating multi-actor training sessions and can set up a program that fits your needs with you and different company departments. 

  • I got certified in Français Langue Étrangère (FLE) with Toulouse and Liège Universities.

  I invite you to contact me via LinkedIn.