Beware of young museum visitors!

Le Louvre, les loulous et l’Obs

Quand les jeunes d’un centre aéré font une sortie au Louvre, il y a mille moyens de les accompagner… Ici, il s’agissait d’une commande estivale pour le Nouvel Obs. Venerunt, Viderunt, Vicerunt!

With Kids:

Les Savanturiers

I managed a six-month project with teenagers aiming at producing scientific web journalism. Lire la suite

Kids love robots!

Exciting projects are everywhere. I helped introducing wheeled robots to kids and documented it in part. Lire la suite

Beware of young museum visitors!

When a large weekly news magazine asks me to write a report about kids visiting Le Louvre museum during the summer break, we are sure of only one thing: this needs to be fun. That was easy! Lire la suite

More from the writing portfolio:

Women & Sustainable Development – An Institutional Booklet

I wrote a complete booklet about this topic with the French Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and its antenna for women’s initiatives. Lire la suite

‘Porte de Bagnolet’, a daily column during a presidential election

My column in a daily on the life of the inhabitants of a popular Parisian district every day between the two rounds of the presidential election in 2002. Lire la suite

Guide Pratique Récup’ & recyclage

A 500-page practical guide about how to launch a business in the recycling industry. Lire la suite

Nouvel Observateur

A selection of Parisian news stories published by Le Nouvel Observateur, a major weekly news magazine. Lire la suite

Nova Mag

Who becomes a party member after the election, where to play petanque, all you need to know about cultural centers in Paris…

Lire la suite

le diplo

Monde Diplomatique

Articles about the phosphate mines of the Redeyef & Gafsa region in Tunisia. Lire la suite

Messages – Secours Catholique (Caritas France)

Sometimes, together with many people from inside your story as well as from within the newsroom and the organization(s), you truly wish to have an impact. Lire la suite

Kids rule!

From scientific web journalism with kids to maker workshops for the youngest and more. Lire la suite

Monde Initiatives

I was both a journalist and an editorial board advisor for Le Monde’s monthly supplement dedicated to social issues, – until it stopped being published. Lire la suite

Book reviews

Examples of Book Reviews Lire la suite