Micro Application

Localization contracts for a series of CDs: translation of about 2000 greeting card text/image templates from German into French with adaptation to a French audience. Micro Application was until 2013 a French digital company localizing the products made by the German publisher Data Becker (Düsseldorf).

CD Vœux et Félicitations

CD Cartes d’Anniversaire

CD Le CD de Noël et de l’An 2000

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Micro Application

I translated and localized CDs for this French digital publisher. Lire la suite

Courrier des Balkans

I translated press articles for Le Courrier des Balkans during the wars. Lire la suite

German-French, misc.

Some contracts, missions & adventures that are worth mentioning. Lire la suite

MOOC translation

Video subtitles translated into French for academic courses by US and British universities. Lire la suite

Essays for transform!

8 essays, 7 authors, 80 pages, from German into French for a book funded by the European Parliament. Lire la suite

California Academy of Sciences

Translating educational videos about sea exploration, renewable energies, scientific missions, endangered species…. Lire la suite

TED & TEDx Talks

The topics I deal with mainly involve ecology, science and tech. Translating TED & TEDx conferences, be it from German or English, is always amazing! Lire la suite

GitHub Films

I translate and subtitle tech conferences, business stories, and software tutorials for the GitHub company (from English into French). Lire la suite

Les Entretiens de l’ASCPE

ASCPE gathers contributions by policymakers, researchers, corporate leaders and civil society representatives. I translate German contributors. Lire la suite

Le doudou des présidents

APIdou’s Crowdfunding

I assisted this French startup with the translation of their presentation materials for a connected object. Lire la suite

LSP Collaborations

Various jobs. I translate from English and German and I mainly use Memsource, MemoQ, and Subtitle Edit. I can also handle some DTP and SEO. Lire la suite

Think tank for EU policy analysis

European think tank

I translate from English and German for the website of a think tank based in a German-speaking country and deal with texts, graphs, SEO, etc. Lire la suite

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