They trusted me


Le doudou des présidents

APIdou’s Crowdfunding

Assisting a French startup during its crowdfunding campaign with material translation. Lire la suite

ASCPE – Les Entretiens

ASCPE fosters dialogue between stakeholders on energy issues and Euro-African relations. Lire la suite

California Academy of Sciences

Translating video subtitles from English into French for the California Academy of Sciences. Lire la suite

Coursera’s MOOCs

I translated subtitles and reviewed translations for 5 academic courses by English-speaking universities. Lire la suite

GitHub Films

Translating subtitles for Git Merge conferences, Atom tutorials, and Octotales stories. Lire la suite

TED & TEDx Talks

I translate subtitles from both German and English into French for TED and TEDx events. Lire la suite


Courrier des Balkans

I translated press articles for Le Courrier des Balkans during the wars. Lire la suite

Essays for transform!

I translated 80 pages of a book by a thinktank linked to the European Parliament. Lire la suite

German-French, misc.

Some contracts, missions & adventures that are worth mentioning. Lire la suite

Micro Application

I translated and localized CDs for this French digital publisher. Lire la suite