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I translate different sorts of documents from German and English into French and work best with direct clients. I have a passion for translation as for everything that helps people better communicate and extend their perspectives or conquer new audiences. I will definitely enjoy supporting you in your mission.

Moreover, I will help you find the security you need for the French version of your final documents. I not only have experience in translating and subtitling, but I am also a former French journalist and chief editor with a long experience in editing, revising, and proofreading French texts as well. I also still teach some Business English and communications every year.

I enjoy a wide variety of topics and formats overall, including presentations, graphics, code, etc., and, of course, videos. Of course, I often translate (specialized) news articles, tutorials, subtitles, academic courses, and essays. I can become a passionate investigator of your niche and your secure ally over time. My additional value resides in the fact that I have a good sense for intercultural issues as well as for choosing the adequate style that fits your audience, based on long and varied professional experience. Let me become one of your supporters, and you’ll be satisfied with the results.

My fees are typical of the current translation market and will come as no surprise. As you may already know, translating from German is slightly more expensive than translating from English, – usually for the exact same amount of work. Other modulating factors include the nature of the source document (technicity, existing glossaries, format, and maybe length), the final product you expect (audience, format, additional services), and, sometimes, your deadline.

I invite you to check my translator credentials here.

If you need a quote, please contact me on LinkedIn or (which is the most renowned translator platform worldwide), or you can fill in this form here.

They trusted me


Le doudou des présidents

APIdou’s Crowdfunding

Assisting a French startup during its crowdfunding campaign with material translation. Lire la suite

ASCPE – Les Entretiens

ASCPE fosters dialogue between stakeholders on energy issues and Euro-African relations. Lire la suite

California Academy of Sciences

Translating video subtitles from English into French for the California Academy of Sciences. Lire la suite

Coursera’s MOOCs

I translated subtitles and reviewed translations for 5 academic courses by English-speaking universities. Lire la suite

GitHub Films

Translating subtitles for Git Merge conferences, Atom tutorials, and Octotales stories. Lire la suite

TED & TEDx Talks

I translate subtitles from both German and English into French for TED and TEDx events. Lire la suite


Courrier des Balkans

I translated press articles for Le Courrier des Balkans during the wars. Lire la suite

Essays for transform!

I translated 80 pages of a book by a thinktank linked to the European Parliament. Lire la suite

German-French, misc.

Some contracts, missions & adventures that are worth mentioning. Lire la suite

Micro Application

I translated and localized CDs for this French digital publisher. Lire la suite