My Translator Credentials

Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (Use of English: 229/230; CEFR-C2)

Master I in German Studies (La Sorbonne, diss. with distinction/T.B.)

Certificat Voltaire 995/1000 (Above 900: « expert level » in French spelling and grammar)

I aim at using the best translator glossaries and language databases, including Grevisse and Le Grand Robert.

A former French journalist with national newspapers and magazines, also a former editor in chief, I am used to investigate and quickly find the right words and sentences to describe things accurately while keeping the emotional message, – and I know what deadlines mean.

I worked both as a French editor and a translator in several academic and encyclopedic environments intended for a large public audience, for example with the French publisher Bordas‘ five-volume encyclopedia of world history, Coursera‘s MOOCs, as well as with a digital entertainment publisher: I embrace large missions that involve expertise with method and professionalism, while still offering an elegant translation which will be accessible for everyone.

Having a background of teaching French and English as a corporate trainer and a contracting teacher with high schools and undergrads (CEFR levels A2 to C1), I am used to spot grammatical and semantical traps of all sorts.

I worked as a trilingual European parliamentary assistant and with the French-German Youth Office, among other international partners.

A former French elite student in humanities, I will get the right tone and finesse for your documents (Lycée Louis-le-Grand, classes prépas littéraires, sous-admissible E.N.S., lauréate du Concours général des lycées en composition française, diplômée de l’I.E.P. de Paris section SP, dominante éco, spé international et cycle franco-allemand de l’IEP et l’Université Libre de Berlin).

I am constantly broadening my language skills and learning more about the fields I want to specialize in.

Last but not least, I learn from the translator community a lot. I frequently read professional translator forums and attend internal courses and training sessions delivered by peers. Also, working with the outstanding TED talk translator community and its three-tier review and quality insurance system worked for me as a school of excellence.