My Translator Credentials

Main Credentials

OPQUAST CERTIFIED, Advanced Level (880/1000). Opquast has become the main professional credential and framework in France for achieving quality and accessibility in website management and web design. This credential is intended for all players in the Internet sector, including translators/editors working from within the website infrastructure or collaborating closely with other online communications stakeholders.

Certificat Voltaire 995/1000 (Scores above 900 qualify for the « expert level » in French spelling and grammar, a level meant for proofreaders and translators)

Master 1 Degree in German Studies (La Sorbonne, diss. on local administrative matters passed with distinction/T.B.). I also have collaborated with and translated from German-speaking partners for over 25 years and could complete my Sciences-Po Master 2 level degree with an extra 1-year intensive French-German curriculum in political science.

Cambridge Proficiency English Certificate (CPE): English C2-level certified (Use of English: 229/230; CEFR: C2, Diploma ID: #0048547978)

Computer-Assisted Translation. I am a MemoQ certified project manager, a MemSource certified user, and even have a SDL Trados license.

I am constantly broadening my language skills and learning further about the topics I need to specialize in, practicing and certifying in the basics of the field or acquiring related software expertise.


As a website translator in close connection to the EU institutions and European issues, I deal with all kind of online document formats and many secondary tech issues. I also worked as a trilingual European parliamentary for several years during and after my studies, then freelanced within several EU environments over time, – as an editor, a project manager or a trainer (think tanks, programs, one agency) . I cooperated for a semester with the French-German Youth Office as a seminar organizer and a trainer of trainers as well.

A former French journalist with national newspapers and magazines for many years, also a former editor in chief, I know how to investigate but also how to quickly find the right words and sentences to describe things with accuracy while keeping the emotional message, – and I perfectly know what the word deadlines means!

I worked both as a French editor and a translator in several academic and encyclopedic environments aiming at a general public audience, for example with the French publisher Bordas for its five-volume encyclopedia of world history (updating many articles and creating new ones as a contractor), for Coursera‘s MOOCs as a translation team member and reviewer), as well as with a digital entertainment publisher (transcreating software from German): I methodically and professionally embrace missions that involve some level of expertise, while still being able to offer an elegant translation and focusing on the accessibility of the final product.

I take advantage of the best translator glossaries and language databases, including Grevisse and Le Grand Robert. Also, being a former French elite student in humanities, I will definitely get the right tone and finesse for your documents (Lycée Louis-le-Grand, classes prépas littéraires, sous-admissible E.N.S., lauréate du Concours général des lycées en composition française, diplômée de l’I.E.P. de Paris).

Last but not least, having a rather enthusiastic teaching background as a regular corporate trainer but also as an occasional contracting teacher with high schools (French-English), undergrads (corporate communications) and master-level students (website translation), I can proudly say that tracking grammatical errors and semantical traps of all sorts in French has become second nature to me. Those errors and confusing words or phrases, together with typos, — and while I can easily befriend people as well as, to some extent, my respected students, — those, I proclaim, are my day-to-day opponents I shall every time defeat. Needless to say though, I prefer musing to battling, and translating to proofreading.