European Thinktank and the EU-Parliament

German Press Reviews

Over several years, I did regular German press reviews about specific topics for the European thinktank Confrontations Europe and its president, the then Member of the European Parliament Philippe Herzog. I was about to graduate from La Sorbonne (M1 in German Studies, with focus on contemporary economic and institutional issues) then from Sciences Po Paris French Institute of Political Studies (General Diploma, qualifying as M2 equivalent) and I had attended several franco-german classes in Paris and Berlin in partnership with the Free University of Berlin.

My assigned topics at Confrontations regarding Germany were: industrial politics, German politicians regarding the reform of EU institutions, and the concept of European citizenship in the German public sphere.

I produced both written and verbal syntheses for our collective weekly meetings and translated short excerpts, especially quotes by German public figures, some of which were of direct use to Philippe Herzog’s reports and books.

As a matter of fact, I would also act as an informal interpreter in the halls of the European Parliament and the other European institutions, both in Strasburg and Brussels.